Himachal to introduce new extreme water sports to woo tourists

While hoteliers in Himachal are getting training on resumption of the operations amid Covid-19 pandemic, the state government is also introducing some new extreme water sports in Himachal to woo the tourists.

As soon as ban on tourist movement is lifted, tourists will get to experience jetovator, hydrofoil and jet skiing at Tatapani and Larji reservoirs of Himachal. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (ABVIMAS), Manali, will train local youths from Tatapani and Larji areas next month. The trained youth will then operate the activities for tourists in their respective areas. The machines and related equipment which are not available in Indian market have been imported from the foreign nations.

ABVIMAS director Col Neeraj Rana said, “The courses for jetovator, hydrofoil and jet ski will start from July 7 at Pong Dam. The machines and required equipment have reached Himachal. Once the tourist inflow is allowed, these activities will be available immediately. In an effort to make Himachal an international hub of adventure sports, more and more new activities will be introduced in the future,” he said.

White water river rafting is the main adventurous water sport available in Himachal. Lakhs of tourists experience this activity every year. Jetovator, a flying water-powered bike and hydrofoil, a technology that facilitates in sailing like an aircraft, are new introduction to the water sports in Himachal. Made for speed, jet ski is also expected to woo the adventure enthusiasts.

Himachal has over a hundred small and large manmade reservoirs. Himachal government is planning to introduce water sports in many of them which will not only boost tourism but provide employment to local residents.

ABVIMAS, which runs special courses in mountaineering, climbing, skiing, rafting and many other streams year-round, has stopped the courses due to coronavirus pandemic since March.

Government, hoteliers, tour and adventure sports operators of Himachal are little disappointed in current times but none of them have lost the hope for even better tourism business in the future. The preparations to welcome the tourists and offer them with something new have continued. The roads in tourist destinations being repaired, continued online marketing, some hotels not laying off the staff and new tourist activities being introduced are some of the examples that tourism industry of Himachal has not given up so early.

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