May the Divine Light of Diwali remove the darkness of ignorance and sorrow and bring about wisdom, health, peace and prosperity in the times to come… HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL!!!

Himachal Vacation Travel News MANALI: Tourist resorts of Manali are not witnessing regular flow of tourists but here is some good news for those operating adventure activities in the state. Thousands of tourists, mostly domestic, are planning their visit to Himachal Pradesh for adventure games during winters. According to travel agents, they are receiving

Himachal Vacation Travel News MANALI: Preparing for the upcoming winters, residents of Kullu-Manali have picked up axes and started assaulting jungles to collect firewood. Dozens of trees are being killed illegally every day. As the winters are near, felling of trees in the district has picked up pace. Though permission has been granted to

Himachal Vacation Travel News MANALI: Following risks associated with driving on many frozen stretches of Manali-Leh highway, the movement of tourists along this route has almost stopped. It has hit the tourism industry in Manali. Less than a dozen cabs from Manali are plying Manali-Ladakh highway these days as driving on frozen road is

Himachal Vacation Travel News KULLU: The entire country celebrated Dussehra after burning effigies of Ravana and his brothers on October 6, but Kullu on Wednesday celebrated unique Dussehra after burning shrubs and grass to denote burning of Lanka. The seven-day-long Dussehra festivities of Kullu concluded with burning of Lanka. Accompanied by 226 deities, chariot

Himachal Vacation Travel News MANALI: A Czech Republic paraglider, who had stuck on inaccessible terrains of Lahaul-Spiti after crash landing on Monday, was rescued by police team on Tuesday. According to Lahaul-Spiti superintendent of police Vimal Gupta, a Czech paraglider, Zuzana Sulcova, was having fun of paragliding in Lahaul with her boyfriend and two

Himachal Vacation Travel News KULLU: Hotels in Kullu have fully occupied while occupancy rate in hotels in Manali have gone up from 15 percent to 50 percent within a week as thousands of tourists from country and abroad have flocked to see Dussehra festival. Tourists from abroad enjoying Kullu Dussehra festivity Occupancy rate in

Himachal Vacation Travel News KULLU: The Dussehra Maidan of Kullu is jam packed with record 226 deities of Kullu and their thousands of followers who are celebrating seven-day-long festivity here. Thousands of devotes from across the world are thronging their camps to seek blessings. According to data from Kullu Tehsil office, 226 deities have

Himachal Vacation Travel News KULLU: It is not only Kullu where a week-long Dussehra festivity is being celebrated. Having relation with same history, four more villages of Kullu – Vashisht, Manikaran, Thawa and Haripur – too are celebrating Dussehra for the same cause. The celebrations of Dussehra after the day when it concludes in

Himachal Vacation Travel News MANALI: Rohtang pass, popular tourist destination of Manali has been receiving the first spell of snowfall since Friday. Thick snowflakes falling from sky thrilled the tourists here. The nearby mountains of Manali too received heavy snowfall while lower regions of Kullu received nominal showers of rain. To prevent October 22,