Live: Snowfall Status at Rohtang Pass and Manali in 2020
Snow clearance near Rohtang pass

On this page, we shall keep you updated about snow and snowfall status at Rohtang pass, Solang Valley, Manali and other tourist places of Kullu-Manali in 2020.

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26 November: 3-foot snowfall at Solang

Solang valley received 90cm (3-foot) fresh snow while Dhundi (south portal of Atal Tunnel) received nearly 120cm fresh snow. Manali town witnessed 10cm snowfall, Kothi received 60cm, Gulaba received 90cm and Rohtang is expected to have experienced over 150cm (5-foot) snowfall. 

24 November: Snowfall continues in Himachal

Manali, Nehru Kund, Solang valley, Atal Tunnel (Rohtang tunnel), Marhi, Rohtang pass, Kothi, Gulaba, Jalori pass have continued to experience snowfall on Tuesday. Major tourist destinations of Himachal are expected to receive snow on Wednesday as the Met Office has issued a yellow alert for Wednesday.

23 November: Snowfall at Solang, Rohtang

Solang Valley, Nehru Kund, Kothi, Gulaba, Marhi, Rohtang pass, Dhundi, Lahaul and Atal Tunnel received more snow on Monday. The area is expected to receive heavy snow on Tuesday and Wednesday.

16 November: Season's first snowfall in Manali

Manali town, Solang, Kothi, Gulaba and nearby areas witnessed first snowfall of the season on Monday. Rohtang pass has received over 45cm of fresh snow. Solang and Kothi received 20cm while Manali town received 2cm snow.
Tourists enjoy snow at Solang valley
Tourists enjoy snow at Solang valley near Manali on Monday

15 November: More snowfall

Snowfall has started on the higher reaches of Manali, Rohtang and Lahaul valley. Tourists have thronged north portal of Atal tunnel to witness fresh snowfall. Weatherman has predicted snowfall on high hills till Monday.

2 November: Half foot snowfall at Rohtang pass

Rohtang pass is receiving snow since Sunday night. So far over 15cm of snow has accumulated on the pass. The Manali-Rohtang highway has been closed for safety reasons. Tourists are enjoying snowfall at north portal of Atal tunnel.

31 October: More snowfall at Rohtang pass

Rohtang pass and nearby mountain peaks experienced another spell of snowfall on Friday night. Dashaur, Bhrigu Lake and most parts of Lahaul valley including Baralacha pass, Kunzum pass, Keylong, Sissu, Koksar, Jispa and Darcha received a good amount of snow.

25 October: Season's first snowfall at Rohtang pass

The high hills around Manali including Rohtang pass witnessed the first snowfall of the season. Weather at Rohtang has become extremely cold. The sudden snowfall occurred despite weatherman predicting dry weather in the state. While Manali experienced light rain, Rohtang received nearly 8cm of fresh snow which is expected to melt away in a few days. 

22 October: Dry Weather

Dry weather conditions are prevailing in the Himalayas with no sign of rain or snowfall. However, the temperature is plunging below freezing point at the high altitude peaks, resulting in freezing of the lakes and water sources. The low temperature is perfect for snowfall at Rohtang pass after the first rain of the season. Hopefully Rohtang pass will don the white blanket very soon.

31 May: Snowfall continues

Rohtang pass and nearby hills again experienced moderate snowfall. Manali, where people are still wearing warm clothes, has not witnessed heat of summer season so far. Besides snowfall on higher reaches, the lower regions were lashed by rain.

26 April: Snowfall on higher reaches

The higher reaches of Manali are receiving more snow. Enough snow is available at Gulaba, Marhi, Rohtang pass and Hamta pass.

18 April: Snowfall at Solang and Rohtang

Fresh snowfall at Solang, Kothi, Hamta and places close to Manali thrilled the residents. Although there is no tourist in the valley to cheer snowfall due to nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19, the white mantle has made the valley look more beautiful. Rohtang pass, Lahaul valley, Marhi, Gulaba are also witnessing heavy snowfall.

28 March: Moderate snowfall

The higher reaches of Manali including Rohtang pass, Marhi, Gulaba, Hamta pass, Dhundi are experiencing fresh snowfall.

11 March: Snowfall continues

Another spell of snowfall cheered tourists at Solang, Kothi and nearby regions of Manali. The weatherman has predicted more snowfall in the next two days. 

5 March: More snowfall

Solang, Kothi, Gulaba, Marhi, Rohtang pass, Hamta and nearby places have received fresh snow. The snowfall is expected to continue till Saturday as the meteorological centre has issued an orange alert.

17 February: Snowfall forecast

Weatherman has predicted snowfall in high and mid hills of Himachal on February 20 and 21. This is the right time to head to Manali to enjoy fresh snowfall.

14 February: Dry spell continues

Although Solang valley, Kothi, Hamta and nearby places of Manali have enough snow where tourists are enjoying snow activities, the region is reeling under prevailing dry weather conditions with no snowfall. Gulaba, Marhi and Rohtang pass which are buried under thick blanket of snow are still inaccessible.

28 January: More snowfall in Manali

Manali town has witnessed another spell of snowfall on Tuesday. The town is again wrapped in white mantle. Manali recorded 8cm fresh snowfall. Solang valley and Kothi received over 30cm of fresh snow each. Rohtang pass has also received over 60cm of fresh snow since Monday night. While total snow accumulation at Solang is 3ft, it is over 15ft at Rohtang pass. Snowfall will continue on Wednesday too, the weatherman said.

21 January: 20cm snowall at Manali

Manali woke up to white blanket of snow on Tuesday. The town received 20cm snow. Both Solang valley and Kothi received 30cm fresh snow. Rohtang pass also experienced heavy snowfall.

13 January: 15cm snowall at Solang

The Solang valley and Kothi in Manali received 15cm fresh snow each on Monday while Manali town received some traces only. Rohtang pass is believed to have received over 60cm more snow. The snowfall is continuing. Tourists who want to see fresh snowfall can visit Manali till coming Saturday as met office has forecast for more snow this week.

09 January: Manali freezes after snowfall

After two days of heavy snowfall, Manali on Thursday recorded lowest temperature of minus 7.8 degrees C which left everything frozen. Manali has received 60cm of snow and Solang valley has received 90cm snow.

07 January: Heavy snowfall in Manali

Manali town and all tourist places of Manali including Solang, Kothi, Rohtang, Hamta, Vashisht, Hidimba Temple, Old Manali and New Manali received fresh snow. The snowfall is expected to continue for next 24 hours. A large number of tourists got stuck on Manali-Solang highway on Monday night as vehicles started slipping on road. Please drive safe and don’t go to the higher areas.

06 January: Heavy snowfall warning

Kullu-Manali will get heavy snowfall till January 8. This is the right time for tourists to head to Manali to see fresh snowfall. Please avoid venturing close to avalanche and landslide prone areas.

27 December: Snowfall likely on New Year eve

Shimla meteorological centre has predicted snowfall on high and isolated places of Himachal between December 31 and 2. Tourists visiting Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie and other hill stations of the state may witness a White New Year.

20 December: More snowfall

Western disturbances brought more snowfall to Himachal hills on Friday. Rohtang pass, Marhi and Gulaba have received fresh snow. The region will receive more snow in next 24 hours.

14 December: Overnight snowfall in Manali

Manali on Saturday woke up to a white blanket of snow. Manali, Rohtang, Solang and all nearby tourist places received more snow in the night time. The weather has now cleared up a little.

13 December: 2.5-foot snowfall at Solang

While Manali received 12cm snow in last 24 hours, its nearby destinations have experienced heavy snowfall. Solang valley and Kothi received 2.5ft snow each, Gulaba received 3ft snow, Nehru Kund received 1ft snow and Rohtang is expected to have received over 4ft of snow. On Friday, the high hills around Manali continued to receive light snow.

12 December: Season's first snowfall in Manali

Manali on Thursday witnessed first snowfall of the season. Manali town received 10cm snow, Solang 45cm and Rohtang over 60cm of fresh snow. Malana, Tirthan valley and Jalori pass have also received good amount of snow. All high hills of Himachal have covered with a white blanket. Snowfall will continue in the next 24 hours.

4 December: Tourists enjoy snow at Solang and Kothi

These days tourists are enjoying snow at Solang, Anjani Mahadev, Fatru, Kothi and Gulaba. The road to Rohtang pass is still blocked. Rohtang has over 150cm of snow. Being dangerous due to blizzards, extreme cold, high-velocity wind and possibility of landslides and avalanches, tourists will not be allowed to go to Rohtang.

27 November: Solang valley gets snow

This time not just Rohtang pass witnessed heavy snowfall but Solang valley near Manali has also received over 15cm (6 inches) of snow. Kothi, Gulaba and many tourist places near Manali are covered with fresh snow.

21 November: More snowfall

Heavy snowfall warning for Rohtang pass in next 24 hours. The Rohtang top is receiving fresh snow. One oil tanker supplying diesel to BRO has stranded near Rohtang.

14 November: Snowfall at Rohtang pass

Rohtang pass and adjoining areas are getting more snow. Snow has blocked Rohtang highway.

10 November: Manali-Keylong road to open on Monday

The Border Roads Organization official on Sunday said they will clear snow from Rohtang pass by Monday evening. This way, traffic movement on Manali-Rohtang-Keylong road can be restored on Tuesday. However, the tourist movement is restricted to Gulaba.

07 November: Season's first snowfall at Solang valley

While Rohtang has received over 90cm more snow, Solang valley and Kothi in Manali and Jalori pass in Kullu have witnessed season’s first snowfall. Manali-Rohtang road is blocked.

03 November: Snow blocks Rohtang highway

Another spell of snowfall has blocked Manali-Rohtang-Keylong highway. A large number of vehicles had stuck at Rohtang which were evacuated later.

9 October: Rohtang receives fresh snow

Rohtang pass has experienced fresh snowfall. The administration has decided to allow traffic movement only in the daytime due to the icing of the road in the night time.

Update on January 09, 2020

Tourists have tough time as snow blocks roads in Manali

As heavy snowfall in Manali blocked all the roads here since Tuesday evening, thousands of tourists remained stranded in the roads for hours without meal and water.

While heavy snowfall brought joy to some tourists and farmers, it has also bought troubles with it. A large number of tourists got stuck between Kullu and Manali on Tuesday night as the road had become slippery after thick layer of snow deposited on the surface. While many tourists missed their buses, trains and flights, many had to walk on snow for hours to reach destination along with kids and elderly. Snowfall continued for the whole day on Wednesday and tourists got no relief.

The road became motorable from Kullu to Aluground, 5km from here, but vehicles could not move beyond it for the whole day. This resulted in long traffic jam and hundreds of tourist vehicles got stranded here. Many tourists parked their cars on the roadsides and searched for shelter to spend the night. Almost all the hotels, guesthouses and homestays between Kullu and Manali were fully occupied by tourists on Tuesday late night.

Nearly 40 tourist buses leaves Manali for Delhi and similar number of buses come to Manali from Delhi every day. The tourist buses could not come beyond Patlikuhal, 18km from here, and tourists were dropped in the mid-way. Similarly, thousands of tourists stuck in Manali had to reach Patlikuhal to catch their bus to Delhi.

As only four-wheel drive vehicles were able to cut through deep snow on road, most of such vehicles which included private number vehicles, took advantage of the helplessness of the tourists by charging extremely high fare. Most vehicles charged Rs five thousand to ten thousand to cover distance of just 18km. As tourists had no choice, they even travelled in jeeps that are meant for goods.

Given the worsening situation, district police came into action and deployed jawans on Kullu-Manali national highway and nearby areas. Police started challaning vehicles for overcharging tourists and vehicle movement towards Manali was stopped completely.

Kullu SP Gaurav Singh said, “Vehicular movement has been stopped beyond green tax barrier at Aluground as road is slippery and unsafe beyond this point. Volvo buses are being stopped at Patlikuhal. Tourists can move towards Manali in four-wheel drive vehicles. To ensure that tourists have no trouble, a team of police and assistant RTO has been constituted which is checking overcharging. 14 such vehicles were challaned for Rs 13,800 in the evening.”

Manali has received over 60cm snow since Tuesday evening and snow accumulation at Solang valley is over 90cm. Over 50 roads in Kullu are blocked and over 300 transformers are shut, plunging many regions into darkness. The electricity board employees were trying to restore power amid the heavy snowfall. The Manali-Solang road is also blocked and tourists mostly spent the day at their hotels. The snowfall that started on Tuesday was continuing till Wednesday late evening.

Local youth lend helping hand to tourists in distress

While heavy snowfall left many tourists in distress in Manali on Wednesday, some local youth from Adventure Tour Operators Association Manali (ATOAM) came out on roads to help the tourists.
They formed two teams and helped tourists in releasing their vehicles from snow and even lifted their luggage. The teams were equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles and transferred tourists in need to their destinations without charging anything. While some people were overcharging tourists for the service, the teams helped tourists by offering free ride.
“Many tourists were in distress and incapable of standing in extremely cold conditions. We focussed on families, the elderly and those with kids. Hopefully they have taken great memories of Manali with them. Ravi Thakur, Bhupinder, Diwan, Jogi, Pinku, Akshay, Chaman, Mehar Thakur and many others were part of this joint effort to help tourists. ,” said Kapil Negi, a member of ATOAM.

Update on January 07, 2020

Heavy snowfall brings both happiness and trouble in Himachal

Heavy snowfall crippled life in many districts of Himachal as traffic remained suspended on over 500 roads, extreme cold conditions forced residents to stay indoors, electricity lines crippled in many areas and traffic crippling on many national highways on Tuesday.

This is the first widespread and heavy snowfall of the season that bought both trouble and joy to the people. Solang and Kothi in Manali received over 60cm snow and Manali town received 25cm snow. State capital Shimla, Dalhousie, Kalpa and Keylong received 15cm each. Some high altitude areas have received over 90cm snow in the last 24 hours.

Over 1,000 tourists had stranded after snowfall at Solang valley of Manali on Monday night. They were rescued in the late night by police and local residents.

snowfall in manali

Tourists enjoy snowfall in Manali

Vehicles had started to slip on the Kullu-Manali and Shimla-Kufri highways on Tuesday evening. A large number of tourist vehicles had stuck in the traffic as vehicles were not moving on slippery road. Many tourists were walking on foot to reach their destinations.

Given the seriousness of the matter, Manali police have restricted tourist movement beyond Bahang, 5km from here. Tourists are asked to enjoy snowfall at their hotel or near the town.

In Shimla, the administration is struggling to keep the city’s roads open by spreading sand on snow. Chopal, Theog, Rohru, Kumarsen and many other major roads of Shimla are still blocked. The Anni-Kullu highway is also blocked at Jalori pass.

The power transmission lines in many parts of the state have snapped while many transformers are shut, plunging villages into darkness. Dozens of water schemes have also damaged, resulting in water shortage in higher areas.

While snow has brought problems with it for some people, it brought happiness among tourists, hoteliers, farmers and fruit growers of the state. Thousands of tourists enjoyed snowfall in Manali, Shimla, Kinnaur, Dalhousie and many other tourist destinations.

Administrations in Shimla, Kullu, Mandi, Chamba, Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti have issued an advisory to residents and tourists not to venture close to avalanche and landslide-prone areas.

According to Shimla meteorological centre director Manmohan Singh, the mid and high hills of state will continue to get snow and rain till the next 24 hours. “The weather will clear up after Thursday for a couple of days and another western disturbance will hit the state that will bring more rain and snow,” he said.

Update on January 06, 2020

Coldest night of Manali at minus 5 degrees C, snowfall warning issued

, snowfall warning issued

The residents of Manali on Sunday woke up to frozen water pipes as the town witnessed the coldest night of the season at minus 5 degrees Celsius. The tourist town is on an alert as meteorological centre has predicted heavy snowfall in next 48 hours.

Surprisingly, Manali received only some traces of snow but lower parts of Kullu district have received 5 to 15cm of snow in the last 36 hours. The region experienced mild snowfall in the night time but the weather cleared up in the midnight resulting in an extremely chilly night. Water sources were frozen and all the things under open sky were found to be covered under a layer of ice and frost.

The bright sunshine in the morning provided some relief to the residents but dark clouds were hovering over the sky till the noon and the rest of the day was again very chilly. According to officials from electricity board, Manali had need of 20 megawatt of electricity until mid December which is the peak load of last year but the dip in temperature caused more demand of the power which has reached 26 megawatt.

Thousands of tourists staying in Manali are enjoying the cold climate here. The tourism event Winter Carnival is also continuing amidst bone chilling cold here. The cultural programmes and winter queen beauty pageants are being organized till 10pm every day.

Keylong recorded lowest of minus 11.6 degrees C followed by Kalpa (-7.5), Kufri (-5), Dalhousie (-1.2), Shimla (-0.7) and Dharamshala (2.2). Temperature at Kaza in Spiti is below minus 25 degrees C. The sources of Beas and Satluj have also started to freeze. The Chenab river in Lahaul-Spiti is covered with ice at some places where water flow is slow.

Shimla meteorological centre director Manmohan singh said the minimum temperature has decreased by 2 to 3 degrees C in the last 24 hours. He said the mid and high hills of the state will get heavy snow in next two days.

Kullu administration has issued an advisory regarding heavy snowfall in the district till January 8. Kullu additional district magistrate Akshay Sood said the district is likely to receive heavy rain and snow. “All the government departments have been directed to be prepared with necessary equipments at identified hazard areas. General public and tourists would be prevented from venturing close to avalanche and landslide prone areas,” he said.

Update on December 20, 2019

More snowfall on Himachal hills

After few warm sunny days, the high peaks of Himachal on Friday experienced another spell of snowfall while lover parts received showers of rain.

Lahaul valley, parts of Kinnaur and upper Manali also received fresh snow. Keylong received 5cm snow and Koksar in Lahaul received about 10cm snow. Rohtang pass is also receiving heavy snow since Thursday evening. Over 10ft of snow is expected to be accumulated on the pass. Kalpa in Kinnaur and Gulaba in Manali also received some snowflakes.

After some pleasant sunny days in last few days, the day temperature in the state has again dipped sharply. The maximum day temperature in the state is 6 to 7 degrees C below the normal temperature during this time of the season. At minus 6 degrees C, Keylong was the coldest in the state.

The meteorological centre, Shimla, has predicted more rain and snowfall on mid and high hills of the state in next 24 hours.

Update on December 12, 2019

Himachal hills wear white mantle; season’s first snowfall in Manali

The tourist town of Manali on Thursday witnessed first snowfall of the season, much to the delight of tourists and hoteliers. Many other parts of Himachal are also receiving fresh snowfall since morning.

Rohtang pass has received over 60cm of fresh snow. Keylong in Lahaul (15cm), Solang in Manali (40cm), Manali (10cm), Kalpa (20cm), Kufri (10cm), Dalhousie (5cm), Jalori pass (45cm) have worn a white mantle and the snowfall is still continuing. Higher peaks of the state have received very heavy snow.

While Manali experienced first snowfall of the season, some parts are lashed by very heavy snowfall. Shimla town also witnessed some snowflakes. Entire Lahaul-Spiti district, upper parts of Kullu, Shimla, Kinnaur, Sirmour, Chamba, Kangra and Mandi district are getting snow since Thursday morning. Met Centre has predicted more snowfall in the next 24 hours. The intense cold waves have gripped the entire Himachal.

The tourists at Manali, Kufri and Dalhousie enjoyed the fresh snowfall all day. In Manali, tourists were seen screaming out of thrill at their hotels. A large number of tourists thronged Solang valley to see the fresh snowfall. But as over 40cm of snow accumulated in the valley and vehicles started to stuck, all tourist vehicles came back to Manali. Many tourists thronged Mall Road of Manali to enjoy the snowfall.

Snowfall in Manali

Tourists enjoy fresh snowfall in Manali

Manali deputy superintendent of police Sher Singh Thakur said tourist movement beyond Palchan had been stopped due to safety reasons. “We have warned tourists not to go to higher places,” he said.

The snowfall has blocked dozens of roads of the state. The Manali-Keylong highway which was opened to traffic on Monday after efforts of two weeks by Border Roads Organization has again blocked after heavy snowfall at Rohtang pass and the Lahaul valley. The Anni-Kullu highway has blocked after snowfall at Jalori pass. Snowfall in many parts of Chamba district including Jot and Sach pass have affected traffic on many routes. Traffic is crippled in upper Shimla, most parts of Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur district.

The vehicles started slipping on the snow accumulated on the road in many parts of Manali in the evening. A Himachal Roads Transport Corporation (HRTC) bus carrying a large number of passengers from Dharamshala to Jyuri slipped on the snow at Narkanda. The passengers had a narrow escape as a bus collided with a parapet. In a similar case, nearly 20 passengers had a narrow escape as HRTC bus running on Baag-Haripurdhar route skidded on the snow. The driver managed to control the bus and prevented it from falling into a deep gorge.

Fresh snowfall in Manali

Tourists enjoy fresh snowfall at Mall Road Manali

The snowfall and rain have come as a boon to the farmers and fruit growers. Snowfall and low temperature are mandatory for good crop in cold belt of the state.

The hoteliers are also happy that Himachal has enough snow in store where tourists can enjoy the snow. Snow is the backbone of tourism in Himachal Pradesh. Hoteliers expect an increase in tourist inflow in coming days.

According to meteorological centre, Shimla, mid and high hills of the state will receive more snow and rain in the next 24 hours. “The day temperature in the state is 2 to 3 degrees below the normal temperature during this time of the season,” he said.

Update on December 4, 2019

BRO takes another chance to clear snow from Rohtang pass

Manali: Entire Lahaul valley is completely disconnected by road from other parts of the state since November 25 when Rohtang tunnel was closed for vehicular movement due to continuing concrete works and Rohtang pass witnessed very heavy snowfall. Thousands of tribals are now waiting for the opening of the Rohtang pass highway.

The Border Roads Organization (BRO), which has cleared snow from Rohtang pass to connect valley at least three times in November, is again clearing snow from the highway. Every time the road is cleared of snow, another spell of snowfall blocks it. BRO jawans are taking another chance to clear snow from the highway. In three days, the organization has cleared snow till Marhi from Manali side while its machines have moved beyond Koksar in Lahaul. The highway is expected to open to chosen all-wheel-drive vehicles in two or three days.

A BRO official said they decided to clear snow from the highway for the convenience of the residents of Lahaul valley. “Our jawans and machines are working hard to clear a thick layer of snow under adverse conditions. Working in chilly weather with the possibility of avalanche and landslide is very difficult. We shall keep the highway open as soon as it will be possible,” he said.

However, tourists will not be allowed to go to Rohtang pass due to threats like blizzards, extreme cold, possibility of slipping of vehicles on the ice, avalanches and landslides. Tourists can see snow at Solang valley, Fatru, Anjani Mahadev, Kothi and Gulaba in Manali.

Update on November 21, 2019

Nine tankers dare to supply fuel to Lahaul; one stranded at Rohtang

While no vehicle is daring to ply frozen Manali-Rohtang highway and when all oil companies refused to ferry diesel for Border Road Organization (BRO), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd sent its nine oil tankers to Lahaul, of which one has stranded at Rohtang pass.

Active blizzards and continuing fresh snowfall has covered the highway with thick layer of snow. BRO was in dire need of diesel to stock at its Stingri and Udaipur stations so that its machines keep working in winter season. According to officials, they contacted all the companies to supply them fuel but all refused. Finally, Indian Oil Corp Ltd agreed to send its nine bowsers.

“Eight bowsers successfully crossed Rohtang pass over to Lahaul valley on Wednesday but one has stuck in snow near Rohtang pass,” 38 Border Road Task Force commander Col Uma Shankar said. He added that Indian Oil Corporation, despite knowning rough weather conditions at Rohtang, helped the organization in the national interest. I personally congratulated its officials and the courageous drivers,” he said.

The Manali-Keylong highway has again blocked due to fresh snowfall at Rohtang pass. BRO has cleared snow from the highway multiple times after snowfall in last few days but another spell of snowfall blocks it. A large number of vehicles, mostly trucks ferrying apple from Lahaul to Kullu, had stranded in Lahaul for a long time which were evacuated on Wednesday. Taking precautionary measures, traffic movement towards Rohtang has been stopped. BRO will try to evacuate stranded bowser after weather condition improves.

Update on November 19, 2019

Avalanche, blizzards hit Rohtang, Keylong freezes at minus 6.4 degrees C

While western disturbances are set to bring more snow to Western Himalayas in next few days, the current crystal clear sky has triggered blizzards, avalanches and intense cold at Rohtang and Lahaul valley.

At minus 6.4 degrees Celsius minimum temperature and 4.8 degrees C maximum temperature, Keylong in Lahaul has frozen completely. The temperature is even below at Koksar and Rohtang pass. The night temperature of Manali on Monday slipped to 1.4 degree C and it was 8.6 degrees C in Shimla. At 2 degrees C, Kalpa in Kinnaur also recorded a sharp fall in night temperature.

The snow covered mountains under sunny sky have resulted in high velocity winds at Rohtang pass which have activated blizzards. The power snow is flying everywhere making it difficult for Border Roads Organization to clear snow from the highway which is blocked since November 14. A few vehicles are still stuck near Rohtang pass since then.

38 Border Road Task Force commander Colonel Uma Shankar said the BRO jawans encountered a small avalanche near Rohtang on Monday. “We had cleared the snow till Rahni nullah on Monday, snow has again covered it. High velocity winds are bringing snow on the highway and undoing our efforts. Temperature is too low. We are still continuing with the work,” he said.

As Rohtang pass is closed for all for six days, a bus service was started across Rohtang tunnel to provide relief to residents in emergency. But, taking advantage of the service, a large number of people are applying for the service and many are not getting the seat. Meanwhile, tourists are not being allowed to go beyond Gulaba.

Update on November 14, 2019

Heavy snowfall warning in HP, snow blocks Rohtang again

A day after Manali-Keylong highway was opened to vehicular traffic, another spell of snowfall at Rohtang pass has blocked the highway. Some vehicles also got stuck near the pass and were sent back to lower altitude on Thursday evening.

The meteorological centre, Shimla, has issued warning of snowfall on high peaks of Himachal in the next 24 hours. Kullu, Mandi and Lahaul-Spiti district administrations have sounded alert and requested residents and tourists not to go to the higher areas. The high altitude areas including many parts of Lahaul valley are receiving snow since the afternoon on Thursday. A large number of vehicles from Manali and Lahaul traversed Rohtang but a few got stuck in the snow.

The Border Roads Organization (BRO) officials requested administration to stop movement of the vehicles for safety reasons in the afternoon when vehicles started slipping on the road. The officials said fresh snow has covered the road and driving has become extremely dangerous. The visibility on the pass too had decreased to dangerous level. Some supply trucks had also stuck near Rahni nullah. The vehicles were brought down to lower altitude after pushing them one by one.

Two rescue posts on either side of Rohtang – one at Koksar and another at Marhi – have also been established on Thursday. The posts will start functioning from Friday. Each post includes mountaineers-cum-rescue experts, police, radio operator, medical officer, cook and helper. The rescue posts will control traffic movement towards Rohtang pass and will not allow people to go towards the pass during bad weather conditions. They will also monitor the movement of the pedestrians and will carry out rescue operation in case of emergency. All the vehicles and pedestrians will have to ensure registration in the both the posts before and after traversing the pass to ensure nobody is in stuck at the pass.

Manali sub-divisional magistrate Raman Gharsangi said tourist vehicles are not being allowed to go towards areas under snowfall. “Police, BRO, PWD and all other departments are on alert. No vehicles would be allowed to go towards Rohtang on Friday,” he said.

As the Lahaul valley has again cut off from rest part of the state and people are having trouble in travelling to other districts, a delegation of Congress officials from the valley forwarded a memorandum to deputy commissioner at Keylong. They demanded bus service across the Rohtang tunnel twice in a week and asked to start heli-ambulance service for the patients.

Update on November 13, 2019

After tribals agitate for not letting enter tunnel, Rohtang pass opens to traffic

A day after hundreds of tribals shouted slogans against the government and administration after they were not allowed entry into under-construction Rohtang tunnel till midnight, 110 vehicles traversed snow covered Rohtang pass after putting lives at risk on Wednesday.

Citing risk to life, Rohtang tunnel management didn’t allow entry to over 50 vehicles on Tuesday. In the midnight, they started shouting slogans against the state government, their MLA and administration. The tribals, including many elderly and women, did not go back and kept insisting to allow them under sub-zero temperatures without meal. Finally, they were allowed to use the tunnel but tunnel management has made it clear that they will allow only emergency cases.

Border Roads Organization (BRO) had cleared snow from Manali-Rohtang-Keylong highway on Monday evening. But as a thin layer of snow and ice is still covering the road, a large number of vehicles had to return back to Lahaul after failed attempt to negotiate the steep slippery road from Koksar to Rohtang pass. Just 12 all-wheel drive vehicles successfully reached Manali. On Wednesday, 110 vehicles from either side managed to traverse Rohtang pass.

Manali sub-divisional magistrate Raman Gharsangi said 78 vehicles went from Manali side to Lahaul while 32 vehicles came from opposite side. “Police and BRO personnel are helping vehicles in crossing the pass safely. We have requested people to use this route only in case of emergency. There is forecast of more snowfall in coming days. We shall again close the road in such circumstances,” he said.

Rohtang is still covered under 2 to 3ft of snow. BRO has cleared snow to accommodate one vehicle at a time. So, one way traffic arrangement has been made at the pass. The road is very slippery and vehicles are not getting enough traction to move ahead. The road is steep with dozens of hairpin bends. There is always risk of vehicles to slip into gorges. Blizzards, high velocity winds and extreme cold are other challenges.

A BRO official said the vehicles were skidding on the road due to its icing and were having trouble in getting traction. “Till last report, the vehicles had reached near Rohtang pass and were on way to Koksar,” he said.

Update on November 04, 2019

Heavy snowfall at Rohtang pass disconnects Lahaul valley

Heavy snowfall at Rohtang pass and nearby areas left the Lahaul valley disconnected from rest of the state since Sunday evening. Many people and vehicles have also stuck in the valley.

Border Roads Organization (BRO) official claimed that they have cleared snow from the Manali-Rohtang-Keylong highway by Monday evening but driving on the slippery road is still a big risk. As temperature too has dipped below freezing point after the snowfall, the road surface has turned ice.

The higher reaches of Himachal are getting snow since Sunday morning. Traffic movement on Manali-Rohtang-Keylong highway was stopped in the Sunday afternoon. The region experienced heavy snowfall overnight. Both Baralacha pass and Rohtang pass have received over 40cm of snow.

The snow line has descended below 9,000ft. The lower regions of Gulaba and the portals of Rohtang tunnel also received some snow. While Koksar village of Lahaul received about 15cm snow, most villages of the valley woke up to a thin layer of snow.

A large number of people who were on the other side of Rohtang have stuck since Sunday. Similarly, a large number of residents of Lahaul are still in Kullu for winter shopping. Bringing relief to the people, BRO started clearing snow from Rohtang on Monday morning.

Manali sub-divisional magistrate Raman Gharsangi said traffic on Rohtang road came to standstill after around 1.5ft of snowfall. “Opening of the highway will totally depend on weather conditions and inputs from BRO officials. All vehicles including tourists are not being allowed beyond Gulaba. Public safety is our priority,” he said.

Hundreds of tourists who had left Manali for snow point to see snow on Monday had to return back from Gulaba. 400 diesel and 154 petrol engine vehicles had booked permit to go to Rohtang pass on Monday after paying Rs 500 as permit fee and Rs 50 as environment compensation. A total of Rs 3,04,700 were paid by the vehicles to be able to cross Gulaba check post. As there is no provision of refunding the amount, the taxi operators and tourists were disappointed.

BRO commander at 38 Border Road Task Force, Col Uma Shankar, said the jawans with help of machines have removed snow from Rohtang on Sunday evening. “Manali-Keylong link is open. Civil administration has been informed that vehicles can be allowed to move,” he said.

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February 19, 2020
Could you please specify condition of the road to Dhundi? Is it covered with snow or clean? And also Hampta road?
The Himalayan
February 19, 2020
Manali-Dhundi road is Open. Civilians can go till Solang, not beyond that. Manali-Hamta pass road is open as on February 19.
Justin Hamilton
March 17, 2020
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Mahesh Prajapati
September 5, 2020
Thanks for the information. Keep us updated. Planning to visit soon.
October 22, 2020
Can i find any snow on rohtang pass during 17 to 22nd november?
The Himalayan
October 22, 2020
Jinesh ji, its completely dry weather in entire North India including Himachal Pradesh with no sign of rain or snowfall. At present there is no snow at Rohtang. The availability of snow at Rohtang in mid-November will totally depend on weather conditions. 50-50 chances. We shall keep updating about snowfall status.
November 16, 2020
Dear sir, We are reaching manali tomorrow evening and will stay for 7 days, Can you please update chance of our experiencing live snow fall in manali town? Or any near by place.
The Himalayan
November 16, 2020
Today was the best time to experience fresh snowfall in Manali. Now you can see enough snow at Solang, Kothi, Gulaba and near Atal tunnel for the next few days. But chances of snowfall are bleak. There is a little chance of snowfall on 19 and 22 November but the western disturbance is very weak. Depending on build-up that day, you can head to Solang or Atal tunnel to experience snowfall. But the chances are 50%.
November 22, 2020
I am travelling to manali on 5th Dec, can you guide about temperature and snow on those days
The Himalayan
November 22, 2020
Hello Aman. The average minimum temperature of Manali in first week of December will remain between -1 and -3 and maximum day temperature will be 10 to 18 degrees Celsius. There are strong chances of snowfall around Manali from 23 November to 25 November. You will get to see snow near Manali but availability of snow at Manali town, Solang, Kothi and Kothi will totally depend on weather condition during that time.
Mounika Arimilli
October 29, 2020
We are planning a trip to Manali from 15th-18th November. Will Rohthang Pass be open by that time? Can we witness any snowfall?
The Himalayan
October 29, 2020
Rohtang had received some snow two days back but it melted away on the same day. Entire north India is reeling under dry spell. Nobody can forecast if it will be snowing in the mid-November but still there is 50% possibility. Rohtang will remain open as long as snow doesn't block the highway. Sometimes Rohtang remains open till December end or even mid-Jan. Hopefully you will be able to visit Rohtang pass and also see some snow or even snowfall.
Vanitha S
October 30, 2020
we r planning to go on nov 16 to rohtang pass and solang valley is it snowing there we can go there???
The Himalayan
November 1, 2020
Both Rohtang and Solang will be open in November. Sometime heavy snowfall blocks Manali-Rohtang highway. Right now Rohtang has some snow but it will melt away in a couple of days. Hopefully, the area will witness another spell of snowfall very soon.
Vanitha S
October 30, 2020
where can we fond snow areas now in manali is it snowing in november 17
The Himalayan
November 1, 2020
Hello Vanitha. Rohtang pass has received snow two times this week. However, the snowfall was very light. Rohtang pass is the place where probability to see snow is maximum. Snowfall is totally dependent on weather conditions. The chances for snowfall are higher in January and February. However, November to mid March is the time when most parts of Himachal (Shimla, Kullu Manali, Lahaul-Spiti, Chamba, Kinnaur, Mandi, parts of Kangra) receive snow. If you are planning to visit Manali on November 17, there are chances that you will get to see snow at Rohtang.
October 31, 2020
we are planning our honeymoon in mid december to manali and shimla. will be able to see some snow or snowfall during that time??
The Himalayan
November 1, 2020
Hello Akanksha. Rohtang pass and nearby areas experienced some snowfall on Tuesday and again on Friday night and Saturday morning. There is 99% probability that you will get to see snow in mid-December. However, snowfall totally depends on weather conditions. Happy wedding, happy holidaying.
November 4, 2020
M planning to visit lahaul n Rohtang in the Nov end . Can i expect snow fall at that time ? Plus suggest me any good hotel , bnb or omestay in lahaul .
The Himalayan
November 5, 2020
Hi, predicting snowfall for November end is similar to predicting rainfall in Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere. We simply can't do this as this is the act of nature. There is 99% possibility that you will get to see snow at Rohtang during that time but nobody can guarantee you about snowfall. Generally no hotel/homestay/bnb remains open in Lahaul in winters when temperature dips below minus 10 degrees C. However, as Atal tunnel will keep Lahaul partially connected with Manali, a few of them are planning to stay open. No confirmation from Jispa and Keylong but a few of them in Sissu are planning so. Will update you soon.
November 5, 2020
We are planning to go in November 13 during Diwali , so will be able to see some snow or snowfall during that time?? Will Rohthang Pass be open by that time? Will be able to see live snowfall??
The Himalayan
November 5, 2020
Hello Tisha, Rohtang pass is still covered with snow and there is a strong possibility that this snow will last for few more days. Rohtang has witnessed three spells of snowfall for the last ten days. Sometimes it doesn't snow for the entire November and December while sometimes it snows very frequently. The current weather forecast is showing generally dry weather in the next seven days. If Rohtang is under snowfall, the highway will be blocked for safety reasons. Otherwise, it will remain open. Even if road is blocked, you would be allowed to till the snowline (snow point for tourists).
November 5, 2020
thanks, What about snow shower?
The Himalayan
November 6, 2020
What is that? Snow shower is different than snowfall?
November 7, 2020
Snow showers is a cloud that spits out a little rain and moves on. It could be sunny, a minute later snowing heavily, then another minute later sunny again. It isn't a long and consistent snowfall. sometimes it shower snow in a good amount... so that's what i'm asking about.
November 8, 2020
Hi. I will reach manali today evening. Can I see snow at rohtang pass on monday if I go with my boyfriend.
The Himalayan
November 8, 2020
Anjum, you will definitely see snow at Rohtang pass even if you go with your husband.
Mounika Arimilli
November 11, 2020
Hi We will reach Manali this Sunday. Will Rohthang Pass be opened for Visitors on Monday i.e 16th? How about the snow fall?
November 15, 2020
What is present snowfall status
The Himalayan
November 15, 2020
It's snowing at Rohtang pass and north portal of Atal tunnel (Lahaul). Tourists won't be allowed to go to Rohtang pass due to safety reasons but you can see snowfall/snow after crossing the tunnel. However, there are full chances of snowfall at Dhundi and Gulaba by late evening on Monday morning.
November 16, 2020
Hi, We are Three friends planning a bike ride from Delhi to Kothi in the first week of Dec 2020. I hope roads are accessible by bike till Kothi during that time. Further, are there any places to explore in Dec first week further across the tunnel in Lahaul (Keylong, Jispa, etc.)?
The Himalayan
November 18, 2020
Hello Sarab, road till Kothi is open as of now. The weather in winter season remains unpredictable, especially in upper reaches of Manali and in Lahaul. Temperature being too low and roads sometime being slippery, this is not the right time to ride the bike. If you still want to experience this thrilling ride, its all up to you. But don't dare this in case of snowfall, after snowfall and early morning/evening when road is covered with ice. Road to Rohtang pass is closed for all. Even road to Atal tunnel is closed since Monday morning due to deposit of ice on road surface. It may take one or two more days to resume the traffic. Riding bikes in Lahaul is even riskier. Today's minimum temperature in Lahaul (Keylong) was minus 6.6 degrees C and it is expected to dip below minus ten in the next 2-3 weeks. My purpose is not to scare you but to tell you the right things. Plan accordingly. Ride safe.
suraj ozarde
November 24, 2020
Hi, we group of 5 friends are planning to visit manali from 29 december for 5 days. can we witness snow?? And how is Local authority responding to Covid situations, are they allowing tourists in their area?
The Himalayan
November 27, 2020
You can see snow at Solang valley and Atal tunnel area besides Kothi and Gulaba in the end of December. However, snowfall will depend on weather conditions during that time. Tourists are visiting Manali without need of any permit/pass/Covid-19 test so far. You can visit all the places in Kullu Manali or elsewhere in Himachal.

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