Strengthening the belief of global warming, high altitude hills in surroundings of Manali are losing their snow cover at unusual high temperature and worse thing is that one can climb up to 15,000 feet even with a single shirt. Yes this is impact of global warming, claim scientists. Snow has completely disappeared from 13,050 feet

Kullu administration has imposed complete ban on river rafting till September 15 with immediate effect. The decision has been taken after the water level of river Beas has increased suddenly due to fast melting of snow and monsoon rains. Water of Beas, Parvati and other rivers of Kullu is flowing above the normal level. Given

Monsoon rains are being awaited by farmers eagerly in Himachal but tourism entrepreneurs are praying for delay in showers which already have started showing its impact as the state is registering a huge decline in tourists’ arrival from mid and south India where showers have lowered the temperature. Monsoon rains in India are vital for