Sunny search land to setup film city in Manali

Sunny Deol’s third personal tour to Manali in a year has given birth to many speculations. This time Sunny was accompanied by his brother Bobby Deol who was staying in a private cottage at Shuru village of Manali.

Sunny Deol in Manali
Sunny Deol with a local resident in Manali
Sources say Sunny is putting strong efforts to own a film city in Manali and trying to convince state government to help him purchase a piece of land. During his last visits in March and April, Sunny had visited some orchards in the surroundings of Shanag and Raison villages and he fell in love with them. He also met with veteran politicians and discussed his future plans. Because his dream project would be beneficial for the tourism industry of the state both directly and indirectly, it was being told that government was ready to support his project to bring in a film city.
Bobby Deol in Manali
Bobby Deol in Manali
Like his last tours, Sunny preferred privacy and avoided coming in sight of people. Most of the people could not get hang about it. Initially the reports were that both the brothers are here for shooting of film but all speculations turned out to be false. While staying in the serenity of nature, Sunny and Bobby again visited Shanag village where they enjoyed volleyball with local villagers and tried their hands in snowboarding.
A source said that Sunny again visited some plots near Manali and before leaving for Mumbai, planned his next visit to Manali.

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