Adventure angling (fishing) booms in HP
Bored with common games and outings? Angling in the cold waters of Himachal could make a big difference. Pick up your fishing rod and try your luck with a gate pass to angler’s paradise for only Rs 100 per day.
Introduced in India by British people in early nineteenth century, adventure angling is becoming a popular water sport among tourists in Himachal Pradesh. HP Fisheries Department has made adequate arrangements for their delight. Angling as a sport is being increasingly recognized by the medical authorities in western countries, as, lured to chase more and more fishes, sometimes anglers walk more than 20km a day. Himachal has 2,400 km long streams of fresh trout waters. Beas, Sutlej, Tirthan, Sainj, Ravi, Uhl, Pabar, Baspa, Giri, Lambadug, Nugal, Rana, Bata, Gai and Baner are the major streams with abundance of trout, mahseer, nemacheilus, spp, barlius sp, schizothoracids crossocheilus sp.
HP fishery department director BD Sharma told Himachal Vacation that the interested anglers would have to get license only for rod and line in trout water while in 600 km long streams of general water both rod and line as well as cast netting is allowed without license. “We have identified 32 to 40 km of angling reserve area as potential fishing sports for both brown and rainbow trout and mahseer, where one can fish with joy. Angler is permitted to catch maximum of six trout a day on each license and trout should not be less than 40 cm in size,” he said.
Sharma added that both domestic and foreign tourists were taking more and more interest in this western sport and department has very easy norms for tourists to get the license. He said, “We are trying our best to provide the global tourists an unforgettable angling experience which would help increase the governmental revenue. We are receiving number of applications for angling license. Tirthan and Sainj rivers in Kullu are the famous among foreign tourists.”

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