Czech Republic paraglider rescued from Lahaul
A Czech Republic paraglider, who had stuck on inaccessible terrains of Lahaul-Spiti after crash landing on Monday, was rescued by police team on Tuesday.
According to Lahaul-Spiti superintendent of police Vimal Gupta, a Czech paraglider, Zuzana Sulcova, was having fun of paragliding in Lahaul with her boyfriend and two other friends from abroad. “Her boyfriend and both the friends landed safely somewhere near Darcha village while she could not land there and kept flying further in search of safe landing place. At last she crash landed on a hill and sustained injuries on her knee and foot,” he said.
Her boyfriend narrated entire story to police on Monday night. Police team started the rescue operation on Tuesday and recovered Zuzana after hours-long hard uphill climb. She has been admitted in regional hospital Keylong where she is said to be safe and sound.

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