Record 226 deities celebrate Kullu Dussehra
Folk dance during Manali Winter Carnival
The Dussehra Maidan of Kullu is jam packed with record 226 deities of Kullu and their thousands of followers who are celebrating seven-day-long festivity here. Thousands of devotes from across the world are thronging their camps to seek blessings.
According to data from Kullu Tehsil office, 226 deities have registered their presence this year. 220 deities were present during last year’s festivity while 214 deities joined this historic event in 2009. Dussehra celebrations are being witnessed at each camp. Palanquins of deities are expressing their happiness by dancing on the rhythm of traditional music. Making their separate groups, people from different regions are enjoying Kulluvi dance. Idols and palanquins of deities would be present here till the conclusion of festivity.
Kullu Dussehra
Rath Yatra in Kullu Dussehra
According to Kullu deputy commissioner BM Nanta, invitations were sent to 290 deities and only 226 of them reached here to make festival coulourful. “This year more deities are attending Kullu Dussehra compare to the previous years, which is matter of great pleasure. No matter how fast the world is developing, people of Kullu have proved that nothing is important than their culture,” he said.
Convoy of Balu Nag from Banjar Valley who is attending Dussehra imperceptibility, as he was not invited to festivity, has not been included in the list. Most of the deities have their palanquins while others have small idols. Each group of followers of deity has their own music party equipped with drums, clarinet and trumpets made of silver, gold and bronze. They have organized small fairs outside their camps.
Dussehra committee wears all expenses of lodging and food of deities and their followers attending Dusshera every year. As the number of deities is growing every year, committee is having burden of extra lakhs of money. Also, each deity is given thousands of rupees as homage to him. The uninvited Balu Nag would not be paid for any expenses.
Chharivardar (leading worshiper) of Raghunath ji (lord Rama), Raja Maheshwar Singh said unique festivity of Kullu Dussehra is known for its rich culture and congregation of hundreds of deities and he is happy that this number is growing every year. He said, “It is the pleasure of Dussehra that more and more deities are taking part in this historic event. However, we have limited space for them but providing each with suitable space is our first duty. Without them, the Dussehra is incomplete.”

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