Vajpayee’s village to become smart eco-tourism village
Prini village

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s village Prini will soon become the smartest village of the country and will attract large number of tourist. Himachal government has drafted a plan to make village digitally sound and an eco-tourism hub.

A large number of tourists visiting Manali generally ask about the location of Prini where Vajpayee has his house. A large number of hotels have mushroomed in the outskirt of Prini village.

The village has many homestays and guesthouses as well. Prini is the base to famous tourist spot Hamta pass and is 4km from Manali.

In an effort to pay tribute to Vajpayee, Himachal government has now planned to develop the whole village as a 21st century modern village where residents will get all the facilities and tourists will get to experience the charming atmosphere of a typical but smart and digital village.

Plan is provide villagers with free wi-fi. CCTV cameras would be fitted on streets and major points. The streets and public places will have proper street lights. The whole land record would be digitalized.

Road and streets would be beautified. The village will have proper sewers, drinking water supply, sanitation and garbage treatment facility.

The village school will start smart classes. All works in village would be digitalized. The houses will have solar panels on roof to generate power and to warm up the water.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s house in Prini village near Manali.

Kullu deputy commissioner Yunus said administration is planning to develop Prini as a model village of 21st century.

“As directed by government, villagers would be provided with all basic facilities like wi-fi and street lights. Prini will become an example of best eco-friendly model village in the country. It will also become an eco-tourism village. Following meetings, we shall discuss on ideas to implement the plan in best way,” he said.

Former panchayat pradhan Kundan Lal said the officials from different departments are visiting Prini village to tell residents that the whole village will see a facelift shortly.

“The officials told us about the facilities that we shall get. The village will become smart and eco-friendly village. They told us that villagers can also give valuable suggestions. We have requested officials not just make the village digitally and technically sound but also to ensure long-term maintenance.”

Prini village came to prominence after Vajpayee built his house here. Vajpayee used to spend time with villagers and used to give them suggestions on different subjects. After his demise, state government had asked to do something big in the village on the memory of Vajpayee.

Village pradhan Shiv Dayal said villagers are happy that infrastructure of the whole village will be developed.

“Initially Prini village will get all these facilities. After successful execution, the other villages of this panchayat would be developed on the same pattern. This will be the best homage to Vajpayee,” he said.


Vajpayee taught lesson of Environment to people of Manali in 2006

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on June 5, 2006, on occasion of World Environment Day, had planted a deodar sapling close to the government school in Prini village of Manali.

“I’ve planted this tree today but who will ensure its care,” Atal ji had asked this question from the then panchayat pradhan Kundan Lal.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee planting sapling of deodar in Prini village near Manali on June 5, 2006

“All the villagers assured him that they will take care of the tree like their own children. The school children helped Vajpayee in plantation of the sapling. The tree has now grown up and is under our protection. Vajpayee had taught us lesion of environment protection that day. The tree tree is now 12-year-old,” Kundan Lal said.

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