Now tourists can go to Rohtang pass only between 7:45am and 10am
Traffic jam on Manali Rohtang road

If you are planning to visit Kullu-Manali this summer season and Rohtang pass is on your priority wish list, make sure you adhere to the timing system fixed by Kullu district magistrate, failing to which you may have to return back to Manali from mid-way.

The tourist vehicles bound for Rohtang pass/Marhi/Beas Nala/Rahni nala/Rahla fall or other areas around Rohtang pass would be allowed to cross Gulaba check post from 7:45 am to 10 am daily.

Tourists planning to visit Ladakh/Lahaul/Spiti/Pangi/Killar by road from Manali will be required to start traveling early morning as all tourist vehicles going beyond Rohtang pass will be allowed to cross Gulaba barrier (22km from Manali) only between 5:30 AM to 7:30 AM every day.

Issuing a notification, district magistrate Yunus has fixed timing for all kind of vehicles to ensure smooth flow of traffic, without hours-long jams on Rohtang highway. Manali-Rohtang highway clogs with vehicles in peak summer tourist season due to the narrow road. The administration will enforce the timing system on trial basis this season.

The timing system will be enforced strictly, but will totally depend on weather conditions. In case of emergency, the officials can slightly change the time. Kullu administration has fixed time for tourist, goods carriers and private cars bound for all the destinations across Rohtang pass and coming from both directions i.e. from Manali to Rohtang and from Rohtang to Manali.

However, the administration has asked the public to give suggestions or file objection on this before April 18. This arrangement is temporary and can be lifted during a lean tourist season when traffic is thin. The timing system would not be applicable for emergency vehicles (fire/ambulances/police) and government vehicles.

Apart from taking care for the timing system, don’t forget to obtain a permit for your vehicle to go to Rohtang pass. The permit is available online at

Here is the traffic arrangement with timing system:

For vehicles going towards Rohtang

2am to 4am: Heavy goods vehicles/oil tankers

5am to 5:30am: Pick-ups, LGV, private vehicles, BRO vehicles, govt vehicles, local taxis going towards Lahaul and Pangi

5:30am to 7:30am: Tourists vehicles going beyond Rohtang pass

7:45am to 10am: Tourist vehicles going to Rohtang

10am to 11am: Residents/BRO vehicles/Govt vehicles going beyond Rohtang


For vehicles coming to Manali from Leh-Ladakh/Lahaul-Spiti/Pangi

All vehicles will be released from Koksar check post at 9:30am and from Rohtang post at 11am

All vehicles (second batch) will be released from Koksar check post at 11am and from Rohtang post at 12:30pm

Tourist vehicles from Koksar check post would be released at 2pm and fro Rohtang check post at 3:30pm

Heavy goods vehicles/oil tankers from Koksar check post will be released at 3pm-5pm and from Rohtang 4:30pm-7:50pm


Traffic arrangement at Rohtang pass check post (for vehicles coming towards Manali)

10:30am to 11am: For vehicles coming from Lahaul

11:30am to 12:30pm: For tourist vehicles

12:30pm to 1pm: For vehicles coming from Lahaul

1pm to 2pm: For tourist vehicles

3pm to 5pm: Tourist and other vehicles coming from Lahaul

Here is the copy of the notification:

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