Manali-Rohtang-Keylong highway links after four months
Over hundred villages of snow-bound Lahaul valley have got freedom from snow-cage after four-month-long period on Wednesday late night when snow cutters from either side of Rohtang met at Kilometer-55 landmark beyond Rohtang top.
Snow clearance at Rohtang pass
BRO clears snow from Manali-Rohtang-Keylong highway
Keylong in Lahaul has been linked to Manali by 115-km-long highway and some vehicles from
Manali crossed Rohtang pass on Thursday morning. Despite facing bad weather
conditions for most of the time, Border Roads Organization (BRO) has made
record second time in a row for opening of the road on April 24. Last year the
road was opened on the same day. Now thousands of people of Lahaul shall not
have to depend on helicopter to go out of the valley in emergency situations.
And now the movement of pedestrians would also stop on pass who are forced to put
their lives in danger to reach their destinations.
Although snow is
cleared from the entire length of Manali-Keylong road, some stretches including
Rohtang top, Rahni Nullah, are not safe for driving and BRO has requested
people not to drive until road is declared safe for general traffic movement. “Road
has been linked but it’s still risky for general movement. We are trying to
make it safe for all types of vehicles,” BRO commander Colonel Yogesh Nair
The work to
clear snow from the highway was started on March 1 from Gulaba near Manali and
BRO got success in its operation in 55 days. A dozen dozers and snow cutters
were deployed to clear road from either side of Rohtang pass. While over 40
feet high snow was cut at Rahni Nullah, a constant thickness of 30 feet was seen
after Rohtang towards Koksar in Lahaul.
“Now putting all
efforts for restoration of Manali-Leh road is our next operation,” said
commander. Keylong-Leh road has been cleared till Zingzingbar, 15 km before
Baralacha-la. The military convoy to Ladakh would pass through Rohtang and
Baralacha-la only after getting final nod for safety from BRO. Lahaul valley
cuts off from rest of the country after blockage of Manali-Rohtang-Keylong
highway with snow for over four months every years.

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