Manali celebrates World Tourism Day

Marking World Tourism Day, Himachal Pradesh tourism development corporation (HPTDC) and Manali hoteliers’ association officials on Tuesday accorded a warm welcome to tourists arriving Manali.

Tourism Day
HPTDC and Manali hoteliers association officials welcome tourists
All the passengers arriving by flight and HPTDC buses were offered flowers and traditional Himachali caps. Kulluvi folk dance was arranged on Mall to make them cheered. Some tourists too joined the dance and enjoyed the moment.
Happy to have this unexpected honor, a tourist from Kochin, Rajan Chanderkumar said at first he was upset as the bus was taken beyond the bus stand but he was surprised to see the arrangements for their welcome. “We had not expected of this honor. It was fantastic. We are feeling so proud of being part of this wonderful hospitality,” he said.

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