Its guru versus brother: two deities fight for supremacy
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Given the seriousness of matter, high court is taking time in hearing as two most influenced deities of Kullu valley are fighting for supremacy and fearing affray, both has not been invited to Dussehra festivity.
Kullu Dussehra
File photo of Kullu Dussehra
Thousands of followers of Shringa Rishi and Balu Nag are fighting each other to acquire prime place in Dussehra festivity for years. According to tradition, idol of superior deity walks to the right side of chariot of lord Raghunath (Rama), the presiding deity in Dussehra procession. This place was occupied by Shringa Rishi for many decades but when he stopped participating in Dussehra in 70s, Balu Nag occupied this place. When after eleven years, Shringa Rishi again started participating in Dussehra, followers of both deities started quarrelling for prime place for their god. The clash has grown so stronger that many people were injured in Dussehra when followers of both deities pelted stones on each other few years back.
A follower of Shringa Rishi in Banjar, Gangadhar Sharma said idol of their god was walking to the right side of Raghunath ji for several decades and none of the deities have right to acquire this place. “We didn’t participate for some years. It doesn’t mean other deity would snatch our right,” he said.
Followers of Balu Nag, who is considered an incarnation of Lakshman, younger brother of Rama (lord Raghunath) say nobody can separate a brother (Lakshman) from his elder brother and they have right to stay together. On the other side, followers of Shringa Rishi, guru of Rama, said place of guru is always higher than any relation so they won’t let anybody to occupy their place.
Despite not inviting to festivity, both deities had joined the Dussehra last year and to prevent any mishap, they were house arrested with tight police security. Followers of both deities said if their gods would order them, they will join Dussehra for sure this year.
Kullu deputy commissioner BM Nanta, who is member of Kullu Dussehra committee said invitations to join festivity have been sent to 290 deities but Shringa Rishi and Balu Nag are not included in the invitation list. “Dispute of both deities is under consideration in high court after the application of followers of Shringa Rishi. Inviting them is not safe for public until their dispute is settled,” he said.
“We are expecting participation of more than 220 deities in seven-day-long international Dussehra festivities,” Nanta said, adding that 220 deities had participated in festivity last year while 214 were present in 2009. Along with states of India, cultural troops from abroad too would be performing in Dussehra.
To prevent any clash between followers of both deities and mishap in Dussehra, section 144 (unlawful assembly) has been imposed. Assembly of more than five persons would be prohibited.
Kullu Dussehra: Police increases surveillance
MANALI: With international Dusshehra festivity just four days away, Kullu police is preparing its master security plan to tackle any untoward situations and terrorist strikes.
Kullu DussehraLakhs of people from across the world would be participating in seven-day-long Dussehra festivity that is going to begin on October 6. Additional police forces have been called on to beef up the security. Along with riot control force, bomb disposal squads and sniffer dogs are being arranged. Close circuit cameras are fitted at every corner of the festival ground besides policemen shall operate cameras themselves to record all activities.
Kullu police chief Abhishek Dular said to make the festivity secure and peaceful, all arrangements have been made. “Extra police force, riot control and bomb disposal squads will present at every corner of the festivity. Surveillance has been stepped up. Frequent hotel checking and naka would be carried out,” he said.
Kullu Dussehra to be clean and green
Come, see and enjoy the Dussehra but avoid smoking and using polythene bags. An anti-smoking and polythene inspection police squad would be watching you everywhere in the festivity. Teams are directed to take strict action against offenders and penalize them on the spot.
A complete ban has been imposed on smoking and use of polythene during Kullu Dussehra festivity. To make Dussehra clean and green, shopkeepers are directed not to sell polythene and use jute bags instead. Police chief Abhishek Dular said smokers and polythene bag sellers would not be spared in Dussehra.

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