Unable to find first-aid, tourist dies at Rohtang
Rohtang pass
Dangerous road to Rohtang and unavailability of first-aid and ambulance proved fatal for a 6-year-old girl from Gurgaon who was going to Rohtang pass with her family in their private car on Sunday.
Snow-laden mountains
Snow-laden mountain ranges near Manali
According to Amit Malik, tourist from Gurgaon, his family was happily moving towards Rohtang in their WagonR car when their car sustained a shock due to poor road condition and his child, who was glimpsing the views of nature, fell off the door. “Ayushi collided with stone and sustained injuries on her head at around 3 km before Rohtang. She got no first aid at the spot and we had to rush Manali. But it was too late,” he sobbed.
According to Manali DSP Shiv Chaudhary, parents of child had admitted her in a private hospital in Manali where she was declared dead. “They refused to carry out postmortem; so the body has been handed over to her parents,” he said.
Amit told that if first aid was given to his child, she could be saved but no ambulance or medical facility was available anywhere between Manali and Rohtang. “I was wandering for two hours to arrange for a vehicle to take the body home, but nobody helped us finding a way. Finally our hotel manager arranged a car for us,” he added.

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