Tourists ignore landslide to reach Rohtang
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Huge rocks and debris are continuously falling on the highway between Manali and Rohtang but lured by the picturesque Rohtang pass, tourists are driving fearlessly putting their lives on stake.
Landslide near Rohtang
A car stuck in debris at sinking zone near Rohtang pass
Around 300 meters stretch of highway between Marhi and Rohtang is sinking rapidly and rocks are flying over the vehicles. Fearing accident, most of the tourists are avoiding reaching Rohtang but still many are crossing the ‘red zone’ with urge to see the famous pass. Not only tourists but residents of Lahaul-Spiti and Ladakh too are driving on the dangerous highway. Administration has advised people to take the decision to go beyond the sinking zone sensibly but still many are insisting to reach the hill top at any cost.
According to border roads organization official, stopping the entire mountain to flow downwards is impossible and they have no other option than to let it come on the highway itself. “As the pace of melting of snow has increased, the bogey debris is sliding fast. We are working 24X7 to keep the highway clear. Putting our lives on danger, we are trying to keep traffic moving,” second in command, major Vikram said.

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