Singaporean newbie warm up in Himalayas for celebrations of independence
Having succeeded in climbing 17,330 feet high Shitidhar peak in western Himalayas, this group of ten Singaporean climbers has qualified their test to summit Mount Everest in 2015 to celebrate 50 years of Independence.
Singapore had gained sovereignty as the Republic of Singapore in 1965 (separated from Malaysia) and on the completion of successful 50 years of independence; it is going to organize a national expedition to summit Mount Everest in 2015. The 10 member team of expedition would be a part of national team. And this expedition was just a warm-up exercise for the fiery youngsters.
Group of climbers from Singapore after they summit Shitidhar peak
Keen to do something big for their nation, Sofian, Paul, Seems, Sam, Yus, Ismail, Akbar, Jaul, Kunal and John, all amateur climbers, had to face adverse weather conditions from the very first day. They were on tour to India with plans to summit 17,500 feet high Peak Ladakhi but after frequent failed attempts due to snowfall and flurries they dropped. But their courage been never short and they attempted Shitidhar peak and their hard work paid off.
“No one can beat beautiful but deadly Himalayas,” after reaching Manali on Monday evening, a climber Paul said. “Before attempting Everest, we will be learning the snow and ice craft techniques and climbing procedures from local instructors. In celebrations of 50 years of Independence, we shall not forget the Indians who helped us reach the heights of the world,” he said.
Khem Raj Thakur, a local adventure company owner, who had organized the expedition for Singaporeans, said all participants were given ten days basic training before climbing at base camp. “Though they have no experience about the climbing but they want to do something big for their nation. This was their insanity that even after backlashes of snow, rain and high velocity winds, they continued their expedition and eventually succeeded,” he added.

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