Kullu rivers in spate, administration imposes ban on rafting
River Rafting
Kullu administration has imposed complete ban on
river rafting till September 15 with immediate effect. The decision has been
taken after the water level of river Beas has increased suddenly due to fast
melting of snow and monsoon rains.
Water of Beas, Parvati and other rivers of Kullu is flowing above the normal level. Given the
safety of the tourists, administration has ordered all rafting operators to
stop their services for next two months. Also the paragliding at Solang valley
would be banned after July 15 till September 15. Operators who would not abide
the rules would have to lose their license to provide the service forever.
Rafting in Beas
Kullu deputy commissioner Amitabh Awasthi said that the rafting in river which is already in spate is dangerous and the water sports have been banned till September 15
under River Rafting Act 2005. “Usually the ban on rafting is imposed after July
15 every year but given the alarming level of water we have instructed all the
operators to stay away from the waters,” he said, adding that rule breakers
would be dealt with strictly.
Awasthi added
that according to Himachal Pradesh Aero Sports Rules, 2004, the paragliding
would also be banned after July 15. As hundreds of adventure enthusiasts from
across the world are coming to Kullu every day, apart from disappointing them,
ban on rafting is going to affect the livelihood of hundreds of locals.

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