Kullu rivers in spate, administration bans river rafting
River Rafting
With water of rivers flowing above the normal level, Kullu administration has sounded an alert to avoid the unnecessary movement near rivers while a complete ban has been imposed on river rafting.
The incessant monsoon rains on mountains have raised the water level of Beas, Parbati, Sarvari, Manalsu, Allain and other rivers of the district. Given that sudden increase in water level could be fatal for thousands of tourists who are unfamiliar with mountain rivers, the administration has instructed people not to go near the rivers. Also, river rafting and other adventurous sports associated with rivers have been banned till September 15. Provisions of strict punishment and fine have been made for lawbreakers.
River Rafting
River Rafting in Beas
As scores of adventure enthusiasts are coming Kullu-Manali every day, the ban on rafting was going to slash the adventure industry of the region badly. For river rafting paralyzed completely, more than 150 rafters will have to face huge losses.
District tourism development officer Balbir Thakur said water level of rivers have climbed up abnormally due to monsoons, so imposing ban on river rafting is the only way to avoid danger to lives of tourists. “We shall keep an eye on the water level of rivers. If everything goes well, rafting would be resumed. But no one will be allowed to play with the lives of people,” he said.
Thakur said the tourists and local residents have been alerted to stop unnecessary venturing close to the rivers. If anybody organizes the river rafting illegally, their license would be cancelled, he said.

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