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This post is to help estimate the travel time and distances between tourist spots of Himachal Pradesh. Also, one can find the distance between Delhi, Chandigarh and Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Pathankot, Chamba and other tourist spots of Himachal. Please note that the average distance covered by vehicles in one hour in Himachal would be 35 to 40 kms. For more information about the transportation in Himachal (Taxi, Bus, Volvo), you may call at +91 9418703344 (24 hours free helpline) or drop an email at

Important Distance from Shimla:


Shimla to Manali via
Shimla to Manali ( alternate ) via
Shimla to Mandi via Bilaspur
Shimla to Palampur via Mandi
Shimla to Dharamshala via Mandi
Shimla to Dharamshala via Hamirpur
Shimla to Dalhousie via Hamirpur
Shimla to Sarahan
Shimla to Sangla (Kinnaur)
Shimla to Kalpa (Kinnaur)
Shimla to Nako (Kinnaur)
Shimla to Tabo (Lahaul Spiti)
Shimla to Kaza (Lahaul Spiti)
Shimla to Keylong (Lahaul Spiti) via
Kunzum Pass
Shimla to Hatkoti
Shimla to Chirgaon
Shimla to Kasauli (Solan)
Shimla to Renuka (Sirmaur)

Distances from Manali:

Manali to Rohtang Pass
Manali to Keylong (Lahaul Spiti)
Manali to Leh via Keylong
Manali to Udaipur (Lahaul Spiti)
Manali to Trilokinath
Manali to Kaza via Keylong
Manali to Manikaran               85 km.
Manali to Palampur (Kangra)
Manali to Dharamshala (Kangra)
Manali to Dalhousie via Lahru
Manali to Dalhousie via Chakki
Manali to Chamba
Manali to Kasauli via Arki
Manali to Shimla
Manali to Mandi
Manali to Pathankot
Manali to Chandigarh (Solan)
Manali to Delhi via Chandigarh
Manali to Kullu
Manali to Bhuntar Airport
    1. 52 km.
    1. 115 km.
    1. 474 km.
    1. 150 km.
    1. 150 km.
    200 km.
    1. 200 km.
    1. 235 km.
    1. 360 km.
    1. 385 km.
    1. 402 km.
    1. 275 km.
    1. 260 km.
    1. 110 km.
    1. 325 km.
    1. 320 km.
    1. 570 km.
    1. 40 km.
    1. 50 km


260 km.

289 km.

150 km.
235 km.
270 km.
235 km.
336 km.
175 km.
230 km.
244 km.
324 km.
374 km.
421 km.
609 km.

109 km.
137 km.
75 km.
165 km.


Important Distance from Delhi:


Delhi to Manali via
Delhi to Chandigarh
Delhi to Shimla via
Delhi to Shimla via
Delhi to Renuka Lake via
Yamunanagar-Paonta Sahib-Shazadpur
Delhi to Dharamshala via
Delhi to Dalhousie via
Delhi to Chamba via
Delhi to Mandi
Delhi to Rewalsar Lake
Delhi to Kasauli (Solan)
Delhi to Barog (Solan)
Delhi to Chail (Solan)
    1. 570 km.

238 km.
370 km.

360 km.

    1. 315 km.

520 km.

555 km.

600 km.

460 km.
455 km.
325 km.
325 km.
380 km.


Important Distance from Chandigarh:


Chandigarh to Shimla
Chandigarh to Naldehra (Shimla)
Chandigarh to Chail (Solan)
Chandigarh to Renuka Lake (Sirmaur)
Chandigarh to Mandi
Chandigarh to Manali (Kullu)
Chandigarh to Manikaran (Kullu)
Chandigarh to Jwalamukhi (Kangra)
Chandigarh to Dharamshala (Kangra)
Chandigarh to Dalhousie (Chamba)
117 km.
143 km.
115 km.
123 km.
210 km.
320 km.
325 km.
212 km.
252 km.
318 km.


Important Distance from Pathankot:


Pathankot to Dalhousie (Chamba)
Pathankot to Chamba
Pathankot to Dharamshala (Kangra)
Pathankot to Jwalamukhi (Kangra)
Pathankot to Chintpurni (Una)
Pathankot to Palampur (Kangra)
Pathankot to Manali (Kullu)
Pathankot to Shimla
    1. 80 km.
    1. 119 km.
    1. 90 km.
    1. 122 km.
    1. 125 km.
    1. 124 km.
    1. 325 km.
    295 km.


Important Distance from Dharamshala:


Dharamshala to Chamba via
Dharamshala to Chintpurni (Una)
Dharamshala to Jwalamukhi
Dharamshala to Mandi
Dharamshala to Pathankot
Dharamshala to Chandigarh via
185 km.78 km.
54 km.
125 km.
90 km.
252 km.


Important Distance from Chamba:


Chamba to Dharamshala via Lahru
Chamba to Dharamshala via
Banikhet-Chakki Bank
Chamba to Dharamshala via Jot-Lahru
Chamba to Bharmaur
Chamba to Manimahesh Lake
Chamba to Shimla
Chamba to Manali
Chamba to Pathankot
135 km.65 km.
100 km.
378 km.
402 km.
119 km.
185 km.


Important Distance from Dalhousie:


Dalhousie to Chamba via Banikhet
Dalhousie to Chamba via Khajjiar
Dalhousie to Dharamshala via Lahru
Dalhousie to Dharamshala via Chakki
Dalhousie to Palampur via Lahru
Dalhousie to Mandi
Dalhousie to Manali
Dalhousie to Shimla
Dalhousie to Khajiar
    1. 56 km.
    1. 43 km.
    1. 127 km.
    1. 143 km.
    1. 176 km.
    1. 360 km.
    1. 360 km.
    1. 336 km.
    24 km.


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