Himachal to draft Electric Vehicle Policy 2019

With aim to establish Himachal Pradesh as a model state for electric vehicle adoption and to provide sustainable, safe, eco-friendly, inclusive and integrated mobility, the state on Wednesday held a meeting regarding framing of the draft for Himachal Pradesh Electric Vehicle Policy – 2019.

The meeting was held under chairmanship of chief secretary Dr Shrikant Baldi. He said the policy is targeted to achieve 100 per cent transition to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030 in alignment with United Nation’s sustainable development goals and vision of government of India. He said main objective of the policy is to save environment, accelerate demand for EVs, promote sustainable transport system and to create public private charging infrastructure.

“Policy is being framed to create a conductive atmosphere for shift from internal combustion engines to EVs. It will encourage use of hybrid electric vehicles by the government entities during transition period and will create new employment opportunities. The policy would promote the adoption of EV technology by way of providing fiscal and non fiscal incentives. It would promote creation of dedicated infrastructure for charging of EVs through various incentives as per standards notified for public charging infrastructure by Ministry of Power, government of India guidelines,” Baldi said.

He added that a viable business model will be developed for private players to set up EV charging stations and infrastructure. The policy has provision to set up charging spots in commercial buildings like hotels and shopping malls. If vehicle is charged at domestic user facility, domestic rate of electricity would be charged across the state. “Non domestic, non commercial” rate would be applicable in public charging facility and commercial charging stations. The policy suggests that the Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission shall be the final authority to determine the rat of electrical power to EV charging stations.

Baldi further added that Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board Ltd has been designated as state nodal agency for setting up of charging infrastructure for EVs by the department of multipurpose projects and power. Baldi directed the nodal agency to identify scopes of charging stations at major routes. The policy also aims to support local manufacturing for which state government would provide incentives to EV batteries and related components manufacturing and disposal in the state.

Himachal Pradesh had become the first state in the country to run electric buses on Manali-Rohtang pass route. Later, the government started running electric buses and electric taxis on different routes of the state, especially in Kullu and Shimla. The state government has ordered more electric buses for the state. Unfortunately, people are not daring to buy EVs as there is no charging facility for private vehicles anywhere in state.

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