70-yr-old American makes history in Ladakh, drives his 1923 Rolls Royce on 18,380ft high Khardung-la
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After making record of driving 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost on Manali-Leh-Srinagar highway and 18,380 feet high Khardung-la with help of Himachal Vacation Travels and Adventure (Now Discover Kullu Manali), Rick Brown, 70,  has planned to challenge the terrains of Nepal and Bhutan this month. Rich has so far driven
his car 3,50,000 kms (since 1996) in 60 countries.
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce at Nakeela pass (15,547 feet) on August 31
Rick Brown, a 70-year-old cheerful American and his 1923 Springfield Silver Ghost
Rolls-Royce, after visiting 59 countries and driving 3.5 lakh kilometers, have
had a dream long back to drive on some of the highest and challenging mountain
passes in Himachal and Ladakh. It was Monday and Tuesday, when Rick made
history after successfully driving his 89-year-old vintage car on 18,380 feet
high Khardung-la. According to Rick, his car is the most driven Rolls-Royce of
the world.
Rick with his Rolls
Rick Brown wich his 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost in Manali
Keep driving his
car is the passion of Rick who proudly said that India is the 60th country he
had visited on his Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost but he was upset as he could not
obtain permission from Defense Ministry and Home Ministry to drive on 18,634
feet high Marsimik-la for September 5. “Now I can drive only up to Pangong Tso.
Still I’ll be driving on some high altitude mountain passes here till next couple
of days,” he said.
Most of the
people would be terrified only with imagination to drive on terrains along
Manali-Leh-Srinagar highway with some of the highest motorable passes of the
world like Rohtang, Baralacha, Lachung-la and Khardung-la. But, this elderly
American is going to do so with his 1923 make vintage car. And he has
uccessfully cleared all hard phases of the tour. When many modern high
efficient jeeps had given up before bad condition of Manali-Rohtang highway,
Rick drove his car like he was enjoying a ride on super highway
List of the countries Rick has travelled so far

“I’m not
intended to make any world record but I love riding my second wife (Silver
Ghost) and I’ll keep exploring the world till I die,” Rick said, while driving
over the Chang-la, on way to Pangong Tso. “I purchased it in 1996 and have
driven it over 3.5 lakh kilometers.”

Tom Stevenson, a
59-year-old Canadian, has joined Rick in his adventurous journey. They are
fishing friends and have travelled many countries together. Despite being the
oldest model, the duo — Rick and Tom — came first place in the pioneer
division of the 17,000km Peking China to Paris Motor Challenge 2007. Andorra,
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Ceuta, China, Columbia, Costa
Rica, Denmark and many more countries, Rick and his Rolls-Royce have
experienced driving in various climates and altitudes.
Rick has never
had an accident or major break-down in his car so far and he can fix all
problems himself. To make car to be able to run on and off roads, extreme
weather conditions, he has made some modification in his Royce. He replaced its
electrical wiring, put some comfortable seats and made lots of space to carry
spare parts and his luggage.
“It has a good
ground clearance and a fuel tank with capacity of 83 liters and extra tank to
carry 20 more liters. It runs on petrol and gives mileage of around 3km per
litre. After India, many other countries are waiting for me and my car,” he

Rick’s Himalayan expedition

Rick Brown has
had a dream to drive his car across the toughest and highest Himalayan mountain
passes a long back. He attended the marriage of his ground daughter and got
opportunity to live his dream and left for India where Tom joined him.
Rolls in Manali
Rick and his Royce cross Beas River in Manali
His expedition
to India’s Himalayan regions started in second week of August when his car
arrived in Mumbai port. After six days of paper formalities, he finally started
his car and left for Manali via Delhi and Chandigarh and it consumed his two
“I reached in Manali
on August 27 and prepared strategy for successful Himalayan tour with my
Himalayan tour organizer Suresh Sharma, managing director of Himachal VacationTravels and Adventure (Now Discover Kullu Manali). We made lots of shopping and collected enough fuel,
medicines, water, food and necessary things. Sandeep and Sanjeev have been
given the task to guide us all the way. We are enjoying challenging the
mountains and my Silver Ghost is performing well as usual,” Rick said.
Rick with his Rolls in Manali
Tom, the navigator of Rick, works in oil field and he always remain worried about the
Ricks health. He said, “Rick told me his plan to drive on highest motorable
passes and I agreed to give him my company. He is wonderful person and keeps
smiling always. India and its people are beautiful and I’m already making plan
to visit Manali soon in future.”
According to
sources, if everything goes right, Rick would be the first person to drive a
vintage Rolls-Royce on Khardung-la (18,380 feet) in Ladakh. Before this
adventurous journey, 13,000 feet was the highest driven by Rick and his car in
Panama. He had started his real adventure to prove his mettle in Himalayan
terrains on August 29 from Manali and  his dream journey is expected to reach Srinagar
on September 7.

Rick loves to lend a ride to people

Rick spends most of his time getting clicked with his admirers and lending them joy rides on his car.
When he reached
Manali and Leh respectively, tourists and local people started following him
and surrounding his car. He somehow managed to reach his hotel. But people
started gathering there to get them clicked with Rick and his wonder car. He
also offered short drive to many of them.
Names of people who got opportunity to drive this Rolls Royce
“I was staying
in hotel Park in Mumbai and I was bit confused that how to fulfill all
formalities to get my car out of the port. I sought many helps from hotel staff
and stayed there for six nights. Whenever I get help from one, I promise him to
give a ride with me. And it was seventh day when I got my car and I ended up
with giving 40 rides to fulfill my promise,” he said.
Rick said he
knows that people stare at his car on road and they wave hands to express their
love and curiosity. “I can have another comfortable and modern car but I won’t
because Rolls is Rolls. Visiting countries with my wife (Rolls-Royce) is my
passion and this passion would finish with my last breathe,” he adds. After
India, Rick and Tom have planned to drive in Nepal and Bhutan in their wonder

In Leh:

The team was
given warm welcome by Leh tourism and administration during Ladakh festival. Jammu
and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah met Rick and his friend Tom and wished
them all best for their unusual tour in Ladakh Festival. Hundreds of people
thronged Polo Ground to meet Rick and his car.
Rick Brown

Sonam Dorje,
assistant director, Leh tourism, said Ladakh is lucky to have such guests who
would be inspiration for lakhs of others. “The elderly foreigners have shown
the courage which very few people do practically. Feeling bad that he would not
be driving to Marsimik-la,” he added.

Leh deputy
commissioner T Angchuk and additional deputy commissioner T Morup also wished
him good luck for successful completion of his ‘Himalayan Tour’.
Suresh Sharma, managing
director of Himachal Vacation Travels and Adventure (Now Discover Kullu Manali), said that after completion
of Himalayan Tour, Rick and Tom would drive from Srinagar to Delhi and then go
to Nepal to try hands on some of the treacherous and highest roads. “After Nepal,
they would drive to Bhutan and finally return back to USA to make strategy to
visit more countries. Age is no bar for Rick and he would continue driving his
beloved until he breathe his last,” he explained.

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