28 panchayats of Lahaul-Spiti cut off from rest of country
Keylong in Lahaul Valley of Himachal
With blocking
of the Rohtang pass after heavy snowfall, 28 panchayats of Lahaul valley of Himachal has gone cut off from rest of the country on Thursday. Though,
depending on weather conditions, Lahaul-Spiti district administration has
decided to restore the highway in December, but the final decision rests with
unpredictable weather of Rohtang pass.
Snowfall in Lahaul Valley of Himachal
According to
sources, there are strong possibilities to keep the Manali-Keylong (Lahaul)
highway open despite heavy snowfall till the end of December. But, residents of
Lahaul have already made all preparations to get locked inside cage of snow for
next six months. The residents would not get vegetables to eat and newspaper to
read until the highway is not opened in summer season next year. Helicopter
would be the only source of transportation in emergency conditions.
Still there are
many residents of Lahaul who had not imagined about heavy snowfall in November
and they are residing outside the valley. Raju Telangba, resident of Telangbe
village of Lahaul, said, “I was in Kullu for some important work and had
planned to go back to village on Monday. I’m praying for sunny weather so that
I could reach back home after restoration of the highway.”
deputy commissioner SS Guleria said Lahaul valley is ready to be cut off from
rest of the country. “We have already made all arrangements to deal with the problems
during winters. Essential commodities like medicines, ration, fuel and firewood
have already been stocked. Weather of Lahaul, especially Rohtang pass is
unpredictable; still we have requested Border Roads Organization (BRO) to clear
the highway to Lahaul one more time,” he said.
According to
sources, BRO has decided to clear snow from Manali-Keylong highway till the end
of December in a move to help continue the boring of Rohtang tunnel from north
portal in Lahaul. Also, the organization has continued working on maintenance
of highway on Rohtang pass. According to an official, they shall keep clearing
the internal highways of Lahaul even after heavy snowfall.

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