(Tourist Complaint/Grievance) Rash driving by inexperienced Volvo drivers on Delhi-Manali route
…Complaint by a tourist, Mr Anil Bhatnagar (Noida)
I am a software engineer working as a senior manager in Noida.

I was looking to report serious issues about volvo buses to-fro Delhi and the extreme rashness of a particular driver.. also an accident involving High Adventure Tours’ volvo 6465 yesterday.. (luckily I was not on that bus).

When I booked thru coronation travels, I had no idea on the bus quality, etc. I had the image of Volvo being a good and very comfortable bus. While going from Delhi it was Bholenath, and on return it was booked on High Adventure tour’s volvo. Bholenath Volvo bus was quite good- provided good service and driver was quite good.

However, on returning we found the bus from High Adventure Tours (UP 30 0787) in bad shape – it had broken front windscreen, no water on bus, non functional LCD, rude driver and very rude helper. The driver got 3-4 additional boys into the bus from some village, and they all slept in the aisle of the bus!!! It was like general compartment of a passenger train!!! The main driver was in middle age, he drove ok from hills to plains upto a toll tax point in Chandigarh road. Then he woke up the helper sleeping in aisle and gave the driving seat to him. This younger guy immediately drove almost into a divider first, then took wrong side and started driving very very fast, overtaking every bus, innova, and scorpios, all the while driving extremely fast right in front of on-coming traffic.

When I asked the mature driver to ask him to drive safely, the young guy started shouting saying this is my job, why are you bothered !! I told him it is my life buddy, and my kids are there, there is no way I will allow you to drive so rash. By God’s grace, he got into sense and drove carefully till Panipat. Then in morning at about 5 am, he got a call that another of their bus met with an accident somewhere on the way (number 6465). He found it was badly damaged, etc., but then, as if possessed, he started driving extremely rash, driving almost into trucks and busses, and applying power brakes all the time. Driving fast is ok when there is not much traffic on road, but not driving at 120 or higher when there are so many other cars and trucks on road. He was as if playing a game. Now, I objected again. This time, he stopped the bus and started screaming. One another passenger also told him to drive safe. In the mean time the mature driver got up too, he started to abuse too, but then after a minute of pacifying, the mature one took driving. And he drove very sanely. When I pointed it out to him that this is how driving should be done— he even apologized. Finally I decided to get off much earlier in Delhi and go by cab instead.

The younger driver was absolutely rash, and he even told me statements like – Gaadi to 40 km ki speed par bhi gir sakti hai, maut to bistar par bhi aa sakti hai…. all right buddy that does not mean you take a leap from Rohtang !!

…By Mr Anil Bhatnagar (Noida)

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