Cloudburst in Chhaki village of Kullu
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MANALI: Flashflood caused by cloudburst over Chhaki village of Kullu damaged the highway connecting three villages at 6.30 pm on Friday evening. No casualties were reported while the flashflood is continuing in the region.
“Pulag, Shoran and Rumsu villages of Kullu are affected by the cloudburst as highway connecting these villages has been washed away. People are traumatized here,” Naggar gram panchayat pradhan Jindu Ram said. Pradhan said that no loss of life was reported as roaring sound of cloudburst had already alerted the people.
Chandrakiran, resident of Pulag village said over phone that villagers heard a cracking sound in mountains over the village at 6.30pm and suddenly the Chhaki Nullah was in flood. “Everybody vacated the place. Still the brook is in spate. It’s raining hard here. We have decided shift for watch keeping tonight.  It is so scary,” he added.
This is the third incident of cloudburst in region in one month. A massive cloudburst in South portal of Rohtang tunnel in Manali had killed 8 labourers on July 21 while another cloudburst near Mandi town had blocked national highway for more than eight hours on August 6.

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