Chandigarh-Manali national highway blocked for 7 hours
MANDI: The Chandigarh-Manali national highway was blocked following a landslide near Hanogi temple in Mandi on Sunday. More than five hundred vehicles remained stuck at both sides of the landslide for about seven hours.
According to a PWD official, the landslide was triggered by heavy rainfall on Saturday night and highway was opened for traffic at around 9 am on Sunday morning. The landslide had trapped around fifteen hundred tourists without food and accommodation. It’s raining frequently in Mandi and Kullu for a week and landslides have made it difficult to drive on the highway.

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June 12, 2011
It was da most horrible night in my life. I was travelling wid my husband Amit and 5 yr old daughter from Delhi in our car. We saw a queue of vehicles near madi and a man told us that a land slide has bloked the road. We spent four hours there. Finally we are in Manali. Today we drove to Rohtang but our bad luck, road was blocked thr too. so we had to return back from Madi. It ws miracle that both the spots were named Madi :(
June 12, 2011
Hello Renu, this is nothing but a wish of nature :-). But I hope you enjoyed the drive to Marhi. And yes, the place where you saw the landslide is Mandi nor Madi. Have a nice time...

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